When is the best time or times to take drink a protein shake vs. food?

  1. When is the best time or times to take drink a protein shake vs. food?

    OK, a lot of people have a lot of different opinions and a lot of different reasons for their opinion. Not here to agree or disagree, just want to hear some of these opinions. For example, it is of my opinion that the two best times for a protein shake/meal replacement are...

    1) Immediately after the gym/workout... I believe this is a very important time for a protein shake/meal replacement because the muscles have been broken down and need it more at this time, hungry for it like a dry sponge is hungry for water, some experts argue whether the body can actually absorb more after an intense workout even (verdict not in on that theory).

    2) Right before bed... I believe this is also an extremely important time because the body does more recovery when while resting/sleeping than any other time of the day, so why not give it all the ingredients to rebuild those muscles, I like to think of protein powder as the nails and 2x4's, the building blocks of our muscles!
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  2. Myself like I said in another thread, I don't bother with shakes anymore. When I started with IF I found out the anabolic window after your workout is like 8 hours or so. I would rather eat an extra piece of steak or chicken. I can still see someone using powder if they are having trouble getting enough protein, I just don't have that problem.
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  3. Incidently the most important time to consume protein is post workout, you just don't have to hurry to get it in as there is plenty of time. So if you are using shakes then post workout would be the best time. 80% of my calaries will be postworkout.
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