Is the Gym a good place to find a date?

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    Ive met this girl at work just in the last couple of weeks by the way ... we got a thang going on! =D The chemistry is un-believable, and shes so cute I could just eat her.

    But lucky for me we dont work together all the time, we work for an agency, we will be working appart most of the time in different Hotels accross London, and only together ocationally. I think the fact we work together sometimes is absolutely fine seeing as tho its not perminant. I know what shes like when she's stressed, shes adorable .
    I'm in the same boat as you, seeing someone from work that I only see on occasion, twice a month at the office. I have to say be it's almost gotten us into trouble more than once, and even though we don't work together often, drama will happen - and people will eventually find out. I think we have a policy at my company against dating people we work with too. Oh well lol.. I've dated 3 girls from here in the past 2 years.

  2. reps sent!
    I was raised on meat&potatoes, played in the dirt, got smacked when I missbehaved, School started in assembly(Drill), adressed teachers as Sir/Mr & Maam/Mrs/Miss, didnt knw wtf a Happy Meal was or reliable public transport-and I truned out just fine


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