I am writing this review of G8 to log my experience with the product. I have only used creatine in the past so I cannot compare this to anything else. First off, the taste is not so good so I slammed the drink. It helped with sleep, but I have very strange and vivid dreams. I only had 7 hours of sleep and that is the norm for me. After I wake up, I take my child to school then go work out for about 2 hours. When I woke up this morning, I felt disoriented and dizzy for about 10 minute. Then I felt like I had a hang over without the headache untill about noon today. This feeling made my workout difficult but I did seem more focused. But my stamina was not there during my workout. After a little over an hour I had to cut my workout short because I felt like I was going to drop. I would not use this product right now. I feel like a weaker product would be better for me considering I have no experience with any products like this and the potency of this product is to much for me at this time. I will look forward to trying this product later after I have a liitle more experience with products like this

Overall this product did help me sleep better and it helped my recovery very well. Taste was not so great and the feeling the next day was terrible. I recommend you more sleep than I am able to get if you use this product. 8-10 hours would be ideal. 10 hours being the better if possible. This product is very potent and I imagine a lot of people will enjoy it.