Mini review of G8

  1. Mini review of G8

    So I received a sample pack of the G8 and I had to try it last night. And my honest opinion is the taste of it was not very tastefull to me. I had to chug it down. Now I may have used too much? I used the entire sample pack with 16oz water. Now as far as being able to sleep. This product will help you sleep. I normally do not get a full nights rest. Well I slept so good last night I over slept by and hour. And was not fully awake until now. Which is 8 am Texas time. I took this product abouy 9:30pm last night.
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  2. It is now noon time and I am finally at a point where I am not all groggy. This product really works well for helping one sleep. The taste of it is a little hard to swallow in my opinion. Would I use this product on a regular basis? Well I would have to say yes purely for the sleep benefit not for the taste. I hope my little review helps you in make a choice if you want to use it or not.
    Chaos and Pain -Rep

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  3. cool man. nice little write up. Im still waiting on my sample...
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