PCT Revolution WHITE

  1. PCT Revolution WHITE

    Currently in pct, using Nolva. However, was wanting to ad a bottle of PCT Revolution to it that I have laying around, it's the white one, not the black on. Why do I have to take the 2 capsules before bed as stated on the bottle? Any reason?


  2. Just started my first week of androhard/androlean cycle. Im gonna use revolution black as a PCT
    (even though they say you dont need one). Sorry i cant help with your question but I have a detailed log in progress which will include my 4 wks with PCT black. Check out my log if youd like.

    4wk Androhard/Androlean 4wkPCT log

  3. So, still no official answer/reason why? I generally prefer not to dose things before sleep because I wouldn't want something interfering with my ZzzZz, so I'd much prefer being able to dose morning/day etc. But if there is a real reason why I should before bed, then,...?

  4. I'm not a rep or anything but I took a look at the ingredients and there is nothing in there that I can see that necessitates that you take it before bed (unless there is something that could make you drowsy in the prop blend).

    It may just be a polite suggestion based on physiology and the concept that testosterone levels rise throughout the late night - very early morning hours and peak sometime in the morning.

    I can't imagine that dosing during the day would negatively impact the product's effectiveness to any significant degree.

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