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  1. Sheet guys just found this thread!

    Here's my review of Doc's care package as posted on in my AH/AL Log

    Originally Posted by ScottyDoc
    OK, anyone following this Thread can PM me your address and I will happily send you out some samples of our CELL SHOCK (intra & post workout drink), our N.O. IGNITE (pre-workout drink) and PRO XANTHINE 500-XT (mood elevator, energy, appetite suppressant, fat-burner), I can't do better than that guys, let our FINAFLEX products speak for themselves, FREE SAMPLES, try-em... before ya buy-em!!!

    Ok Gentlemen here's the break down. First...if you don't jump on Doc's offer...shame on you. Second...I just had the best workout of my life, and that says a lot for ten+ years in the dungeon. I'll give credit where credit is due FINAFLEX IS LEGIT

    PRO XANTHINE 500-XT - Within five minutes I felt an intense energy rush, great focus, and a sense of needing to get stuff done. No crash, no jitters, just business.

    N.O. IGNITE - Taken 30 minutes pre chest workout. Taste I give a 10/10 (I think it was fruit punch), Solubility I give a 10/10, Workout support I give a 10+/10 (Beating all kinds of PR's)

    CELL SHOCK - Taken 10 minutes post workout. Taste I give a 9/10 (Grape: just a tiny bit bitter but excellent compared to most post formulas), Solubility I give a 9/10 (Had some chunks left over but nothing serious, and not nasty thick like some other post workouts). This is a supplement that improves performance over time so effectiveness is N/A

    Overall I am quite pleased with this Finaflex line up, and I will proudly recommend them to others (I was not told to say this or any of the above statements, these are my opinion and my opinion only based on first hand experience).

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