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    I want to keep my facts straight, so if you don't mind clarifying these statements it would be appreciated.

    1) For maximum results estrogen levels need to be kept at a minimum and testosterone need to be ketp a maximum (makes sense)
    2) Too much estrogen or too much testosterone can cause side effects (Too much estrogen = possible gyno or fat gain) (Too much testosterone = body shuttign down production which in extreme cases can cause sexual side effects)
    3) In both the above circumstances supplements are needed to produce homeostasis and to reduce side effects during and after a cycle of PH.
    4) PCT Black Will help block estrogen and overall provide protection for the body against estrogen.
    5) Pure Test helps replenish testosterone levels after the prohormones have finished their course and the body needs a boost to keep homeostasis until natural production levels can be realized.

    So if the above is all true, I have the following questions.

    1) If I want to get maximum results and max out my testosterone levels while excercising..... I coudl take Pure test during the cycle?
    2) How do I know how much estrogen blocker to take?

    I am jsut tryign to get my facts straight before attempting any PH cycle. Thanks.
    1) The verdict is not in yet, there is not enough science for me to give you an accurate scientifically backed answer to whether taking PURE TEST during your cycle will actually keep your natural productions up! I mean in theory yes, it should, but that is all I can really say without talking about of my A$$!
    2) Everyone is so different, and are affected by PH's and other supplements so differently this is hard to say as well! The best answer I have seen to exactly how much estrogen blocker to take is to be very keen on what you are feeling and how your body is reacting to what you are taking. For example, if you are noticing your joints are starting to ache, then your estrogen is too low, if you are noticing sensitivity around the nipples, then estrogen is too high, as far as the labido goes, no one can give you the perfect answer on that one because everyone is sooo very different in that category, I mean estrogen & testosterone may be in the most absolute perfect ranges and you can still get shut down labido wise and vs/versa your levels can be way high in one or both categories and it not affect your labido what-so-ever. I typically recommend 1-2 caps of PCT Black if taking in conjunction with your cycle and 2 caps of PCT Black for 3-4wks following your cycle & I always recommend taking 6 caps of PURE TEST following the cycle, again there is not enough evidence out there to prove natural testosterone will be affected with taking PURE TEST in conjunction with your cycle for me to make that a recommendation.
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  2. Does PCT Revolution Black still in the market? I saw its out of stock in many online shops. Some still have it, but some of the shops were i use to buy simply dont have it anymore.

  3. unfortunately it has been discontinued.. not much longevity left in that one after HR177
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