1. Havoc?

    When will Havoc be available again? I would really like to try the product!

  2. Havoc

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    We placed a final order for raws...yes, from the same supplier. It takes them a while, with the stringent QC controls in place, to knock out the material...so they have been shipping it as it comes out.

    the next delivery is slated for this week, which means finished product should be delivered to all retailers by the following Friday (around the 10th.)
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  3. Thanks Stxnas that is accurate.

  4. <-------Stocking up with lots!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by maynehood171 View Post
    <-------Stocking up with lots!
    That would be a good idea.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by maynehood171 View Post
    <-------Stocking up with lots!
    You ain't the only one, brother.

    ::checks stash to make sure no Havoc Gremlins have been busy:::
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