Thermogum log/review.....

  1. Thermogum log/review.....

    Well this is just the very first part of a log/review....

    I am a fulltime student in college, taking 19 hours this fall. I also workout 6 days a week.


    Today I got home from school at about 1530 after being up at 0600. I usually run when I get home from school.

    I always take Ultima and Plcar before I run, so if I change something up I will notice it. I never use caffeine because I don't want to get addicted to it like I have before, but with only 40mg a peice I think that is just right before a workout. Today I took/chewed my first peice of Thermogum. The taste wasnt the best when I first chewed it, but grew on me pretty quickly. For what its worth, I ran farther today than I ever have after school by about 3/4 mile.

    The thing that makes it or breaks it with me is the consistency of gum, and I can say that Thermogum has a great consitency. It is easy to chew and is really soft and doesnt break apart after chewing it for a while.

    It seems to have a real nice balance between a boost and a calming effect. When I ran I felt like I could have run much farther, and I was much more relaxed than normal. Not tired, but relaxed with plenty of energy. The gum also has a great, kind of peppery flavor that doesn't go away. My mouth did kind of have a tingle/numb feeling to it.

    If anyone wants to know something else let me know...

  2. 23Sep09:

    The last thing I felt like doing today is studying for a big test tomorrow. I chewed a piece of Thermogum and it had a nice boost/relaxing effect again like it did yesterday before I ran. It made studying pretty painless.

    I am starting to love this gum. The flavor was enjoyable the whole time(I am still chewing it now). I am glad I ordered some, it seems it will be very versitle. I did notice a little yesterday that it curbed my appetite, but I wanted to give it another day. It proved true for today as well.

    So 2 for 2. It has helpled my workout and studying...

  3. appreciate the feedback glendr, I am having similar results.

  4. 24Sep09:

    I used it today again after school to run and broke a record for time today. Still loving it. I only have 8 pieces left and it will probably be close if I have enough before my shipment from mm gets here.

  5. Glad you like it!

  6. great to hear about the studying effects! I bought 5 packs specifically for that!
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