Anyone have any final thoughts on the RPN hair product?

  1. Anyone have any final thoughts on the RPN hair product?

    I am not bald, nor anywhere near. However I have come to notice that the hair on top of my head has been falling out quicker than usual...

    I am looking for something to try out and see if i notice a difference.
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  2. I've been reading reviews about Virile Mane, and it seems to be hit or miss. Some good results, some get worse, some notice nothing. It's really not that much different than minoxidil or propecia - everyone reacts differently.

    I just started using Spectral DNC, which has 5% minoxidil plus some other goodies in it, along with Nizoral shampoo. Will try that for 6 months and see what happens, although my hairloss is a receding hairline which generally doesn't get much better.

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