PLCAR - Bulk Powder

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  1. PLCAR - Bulk Powder

    I ordered an extra 25 kilograms of PLCAR, in 100 gram containers.

    I won't mark them up much to go to Nutra, but looking at around $25 per 100 grams.


    /FYI, standard preworkout dose is 1-2 grams - so about 50-75 days' worth.
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  2. Yeah, I'd def bite on that.

  3. HELL YEAH! Been waiting for PLCAR to come back in bulk for months man.

  4. Sounds good to me
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  5. I'm in. I've been waiting for this forever.

  6. Great move.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by strategicmove View Post
    Great move.
    true that

  8. NICE~!

    (Quick question for dosing. How much teaspoon-wise is 1 gram? Thanks)

  9. Im in!!

  10. I'm putting the squeeze on Sam to give the thumbsup for you guys

  11. IN!!!!

  12. IN!

  13. I'm hard

    err I mean.. yes.. yes im interested!

  14. haha dammmm, put away 2-3 tubs for me...

    any benefits from mega dosing or stick to 2-3g?

  15. PLCAR doesn’t stop after it’s created the perfect anabolic environment for Androsterone
    and 11-Alpha. PLCAR is a powerful anti-oxidant that is clinically proven to enhance the
    shuttling of fatty acids into muscle cellular mitochondria to be burned as a fuel source for
    greater energy production in skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscles during exercise.
    This action alone prolongs an athlete’s energy levels and delays muscle fatigue onset for
    superior result-generating workouts(2). PLCAR has also shown the ability to combat the
    destructive effects on muscle tissue that low levels of oxygen induce when fatigue sets
    in(15). Finally, Carnitines such as PLCAR have even proven to have promising, positive
    effects on the human cardiovascular system!

    Can anyone else tell me a little bit more feedback about what it is, and why it's so great since everyone seems to want it? just trying to learn a little

  16. how many weeks out are we looking?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Ev52 View Post
    how many weeks out are we looking?
    My containers arrive Tuesday...everything else is ready to go.
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  18. Hmm... if it arrives at NP next week, this could take some finagling - I'm moving next week and won't have a shipping address for 5 days!

  19. Depending on what time they arrive here, Nutra will have stock by Next Friday.

    Then again, they still haven't really accepted the product, so I am just assuming they will.
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  20. I was looking to buy some PLCAR
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    PM me with any order questions and concerns


  22. Dsade sourcing Pclar 55 gallon drums! Awesome man I wanna pick up 2 or 3. Hoping I can time this order where I can get Pclar, A-yohombine, and strange ecstasy before they all sell out.

    doing my own thang!


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