Eviscerate went up :(

  1. Eviscerate went up :(

    I was looking to buy some eviscerate because it was only 22.99 which is a heck of a price but after it got restocked it jumped to 39.99. Why is that?

  2. i think its a different sized bottle, and the first run was a promotional run.

  3. Old ones were a 4oz beta, the final is 6oz and although it's a bit more pricey, the formula is well worth it. The stuff just works.

  4. beta was a special price, and 4 oz bottle.

    Final version is 6 oz..

  5. ah ok... thanks

  6. Has anyone mentioned yet that this is the price for the 6 ounce FINAL version?

    I actually had to reorder raws already for this. Overwhelming support for the product...thank you to everyone.
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  7. I believe it's because the final product is 6oz and the first run was an initial run @ 4oz... At least I think that's the reason.

  8. LOL I would repeat what everyone else said but I think you got it figured out!


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