help with protein bar/pudding recipe

  1. help with protein bar/pudding recipe

    So I have been making this recipe and it is fairly good

    8 Scoops Whey
    3 Cups Oats
    1 Package Sugar Free Fat Free Pudding
    2 Cups Skim Milk

    ***put in the fridge overnight***

    8 equal bars that yield(from website):

    3g fat
    28g carbs
    29g protein
    257 calories

    The problem is that the bars never really set and they're mushy. Hence I have been putting them into the freezer and letting them freeze and the thaw slightly.

    How can I harden them up???

    Things that I have thought of and I am going to try.

    1. I have been only using whey- Is there better results using a MPI or something.

    2. reduce the amount of milk.

    Any suggestions would be welcomened as I assume there are others who have used this recipe and gotten better results with some modifications.

    What I like about this recipe is the fact that it requires very little time and is super easy BUT I would like it to be firmer and more portable.


  2. I'd drop the pudding, reduce the milk and add either one or a combo of:
    Flax meal
    Almond meal
    Natural Peanut Butter
    Psyllium Husks

    I did notice your recipe is low fat - any particular reason or is that just the way it ended up? Personally, I would have gone with Raw whole milk, but that's expensive, even if it is incredibly good for you.
    Still if you want to keep it low fat, I'd go with a Tbsp or two of the psyllium, reduce the milk and throw something else that's pretty viscous or absorptive in, like black strap molasses or tapioca

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