Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds (low carb snack)

  1. Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds (low carb snack)

    I just found these things at Sam's club and they are pretty much unbelievable. Awesome low carb snack food. I have a friend that is a diabetic and he loves these cause they don't spike his blood sugar.

    Nutrtional Info for 1oz
    13g fat
    6g carb (3g from fiber so only 3 net carbs!)
    6g protein

    They are coated with cocoa and sweetened with sucralose (splenda) and the taste is comparable to eating a hershey bar with almonds.

    They would be great to add to homemade protein bars to enhance flavor.

  2. My mom got me a jar of these the last time she was at Sam's, and they are incredibly good.

  3. sounds good! thanks for the heads up! i don't have a sam's near me, but i travel on occasion and it wouldn't be hard to stop off at one and pick up a few cans...........a few dozen cans.

  4. sounds delicious... better than my blue diamond whole natural almonds haha

  5. I absolutely LOVE these. They taste sweet and rich, hard to believe they're 'healthy.' I still like the Blue Diamond (especially the Wasabi/Soy Sauce and Lime and Chili) but these are a great change of pace.

    These are great if you blend them in a food processor for some Chocolate Almond Butter.

  6. This is my MAIN snack. Throw them in the freezer, and they taste even better (girlfriends idea)! I thought they would break my teeth, but they stay just as soft, just pop a little more when you bite them. I am on my fourth container...go through about a container a month.


  7. I had some of these a while ago, they were awesome!

    I found them at my local Albertsons, I am sure you could probably find them at Wal-mart as well.


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