Oz's Faves...

  1. Oz's Faves...

    I feel that I make some pretty mean and delicious dishes, so, bright idea, how 'bout I share the wealth? I'll throw some of my faves down and I'll add more as I think of them.

    Fowl; Lean and Hott:

    2 average sized chicken breasts
    1 Tbsp Enova (or Olive oil, but Enova tastes A LOT better imo)
    2 Tsp Spicy Ranch Dressing
    Crushed Red Pepper
    Pam (your fave flavor)

    Calories: ~ 450
    Fat: 25grams
    Protein: 50grams
    Carbs: 0grams

    Cut up your chicken into fajita sized pieces. Coat the bottom of a pan with Pam. Start it at medium-high heat, let it get warm for a second, and then toss your chicken in there. Now, spray the chicken with pam, and sprinkle the crushed red pepper over the top of them (adjust amount to desired level of spicyness). Let them cook for a couple of mins until they are fully white on the bottom, then turn them all over, spray with Pam, and coat with more crushed red pepper. Cook until it's white all the way through.

    In a small container, mix the Enova and the Spicy Ranch, warm it up in the microwave, stir it up.. and pour over the top of your chicken.. Now get ready to feast!!

    Just to add, I usually like to use a couple pieces of toast (generally high fiber bread, depending on if I'm really carbin' or not) to sop up the rest of the oil at the end... it's sooo stinking good.

  2. sounds pretty good to me

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