Spinach/Feta Cheese Chicken :D

  1. Spinach/Feta Cheese Chicken :D

    I eat alot of chicken and used to boil it alot (that gets old quick). I eat about 3-4 chicken breasts per day. Here is what you need
    3 Chicken Breasts
    1/4 cup Feta Cheese
    2 slices fat free swiss cheese
    70 baby spinach leaves

    - Chop up the feta/swiss/spinach and mix up.

    - Cut the chicken breasts in half and then cut them down the center like a pocket and put the cheese/spinach mix in there.

    Bake @ 380 for 40 minutes.

    Let me know what you think.
    R ich

  2. Oh yeah

    Serving - 1 chicken breast
    Calories - 161
    Fat - 4.3g
    Carb - 2.3g
    Pro - 28.3g

  3. This sounds really good -- I'll try it later this week and tell ya what I think!

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