A CT original (inspired by the town of Newport, RI)!! I decided to mess around a bit tonight in the kitchen since I was off of work and this is what I came up with. Not the cheapest option...but you can substitute the lobster for shrimp and still get great nutritional value and great taste. Also, I eyeball everything so don't ask me for measurements...just play with it until you love it!!

What you're gonna need :

2 sautee' pans
Lobster (or if you prefer you can use shrimp or crab)
1 bag fresh baby spinach
2 whole wheat wraps
mix of colby and monterey jack cheese
fat free sour cream
olive oil
2 plum roma tomatoes
1/2 white onion
About 30 minutes

Take one of your sautee pans and throw in olive oil and let warm. Add the bag of fresh baby spinach until it cooks down. Add garlic for the last 30 seconds or so and then put in a bowl. More olive oil and add your diced onions. For the last 30 seconds of this process add your diced tomatoes and more garlic. Put into the bowl with the spinach. In that same bowl add some fat free sour cream and some cheese. Stir until thoroughly mixed. In your other sautee pan warm up your lobster (claw meat or tail meat is fine for this). Remove and add one of the wraps. Put a lil more sour cream and cheese on it. When the cheese is melted cover the wrap evenly with your spinach/tomato/onion/garlic/sour cream/cheese mixture. Add the Lobster. When all is warmed up and the wrap is solid...remove. Put in the other wrap and add cheese. When the cheese is melted and the wrap is solid, take it out and place on top of the other half. Cut into however many servings you please (I tend to go with 4) and serve. It's much more filling than it sounds and should serve 2 people easily.

I hope some people decide to try it out. It's rare that i'll take the time to post anything i've come up with....so i'd love some feedback!!