Egg Sucker Fart Seeds (as My Wife Describes 'em!)

  1. Wink Egg Sucker Fart Seeds (as My Wife Describes 'em!)

    Now Heres A Convenient, Tasty And Humorous Way To Add Some Protein To Your Life:

    Clean And Then Rinse With Boiling Water (Be Careful) An Appropriate Sized Glass Jar Along With It's Tight Fitting Lid. Sterile Is Better In This Case. Set Aside.
    Hard Boil 1 Dozen Eggs By Submerging Eggs Under 1" Of Cold Water In Pot, Bring To Full Boil, Reduce Heat, Cover And Simmer For 15 Min.
    Drain And Replace Hot Water With Cold Water. Allow To Completely Cool.
    Peel And Test 1 Egg To Make Sure The Yolks Are Solid Before Continuing. If Not, You Can Try Re-Boiling With Hot Tap Water, Immediately Exchange Hot Water For Cold. Again Allow To Cool. Re-Test Yolk. Different Altitudes Require Different Cooking Times. If The Shells Stick Try Using Older Eggs. Peel Remaining Eggs And Set Aside.
    Boil Together And Then Simmer For 10 Min. Enough White Distilled Vinegar To Completely Cover Eggs In Jar, Salt, Turmeric, 3 Whole Dried Red Peppers (or Split If You Can't Get Things Hot Enough), Dried Onion Powder.
    Adjust Additives To Taste. Allow To Cool.
    Put Eggs In Jar, Pour Liquid Over Eggs, Lid It And Put In Fridge.
    Season For 5 Days Prior To Eating.
    Use All Eggs Within 3 Weeks.

    Other Things To Try Adding:
    Cloves, Brown Sugar, Pepper Corns, Allspice, Cinnamon, Ginger, Bay Leaves, Coriander Seeds

    I Sometimes use 4 Jars Of 12 Eggs For A 3 Week Lifting Binge. Thats 2.28 Eggs a day. Share Yourself With The People Around You. Enjoy!

  2. Sounds like your wife gave it an appropriate title lol. stinky goin in and comin out! Thanks for the recipe though!

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