MANwhich to get big

  1. MANwhich to get big

    this recipie makes 2 MANwhichs

    1/4lb of provolone cheese
    1.5lb % of your choice lean beef i get 88%
    1 red onion
    1 glove of garlic
    2 12 inch whole wheat rolls
    2tsp of lemon juice
    herbs of your choice i make mine spicy!!

    now cut up the onion and saute in a big sauce pan with extra virgin olive oil now throw in the beef and mix around while cooking throw in the lemon juice and herbs but hold off on the garlic til the last minute of cooking cause cooking garlic too long can spoil the taste of your food,
    so while your food is cooking cut one side of the rolls and gut the roll of a majority of its bread cause too much bread cana take away from the lucious taste unless you want the carbs, now line the inside of the rolls with the provolone cheese but save 2 slices, now throw in your garlic at the last minute of cooking and fill up those rolls pack it in you might have .2lb beef left over eat it! lol now on the top of the rolls line the opening with the cheese to seal it to prevent it from falling out while you eat and enjoy!!! i gaurentee youll love it!!

  2. I gotta try this with vegetarian tofu beef crumbles... it looks really really good.

    Thanks for the post!

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