Healthy French Toast

  1. Healthy French Toast

    Not sure if anyone has posted a recipe like this before but here goes!


    Get light style bread (I usually get like pepperidge farms light style oatmeal bread), 1 container of egg beaters, some pure vanilla or almond extract (whatever you prefer), cinnamon, some butter flavor cooking spray (or you can use I cant believe its not butter spray), some splenda, and sugar free syrup.


    Place a small amount on the egg beaters in a pie plate or bowl. Then add in a small amount of the vanilla or almond extract, a touch of cinnamon, and then some splenda to sweeten it up. After mixing it for a few seconds, dip the bread on each side, place in a cooking spray coated warm pan, cook till both sides are slightly brown, plate them and add the syrup! I will usually even add a few sprays of I cant believe its not butter spray on top of the french toast to give it a more buttery flavor. Enjoy!

  2. I have a weakness for french toast. This sounds awesome right now.

  3. That does sound good! I'm an ICBINBspray(pour) fiend in the offseason.

  4. That sounds really good!! I'm definately going to have to try it..

  5. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to 99sscamaroma again.
    I would rep you but it looks like I have to spread the love first.

  6. I really like this recipe. I use Healthy choice whole wheat bread thats 35 calories a slice, and only has 5 net grams of carbs per slice. Add some butter spray and sugar-free maple syrup and its heavenly.

  7. im going to try it now


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