Easy Recipe...Great for Bulking

  1. Easy Recipe...Great for Bulking

    Everyone feels that they dont have time to eat correctly, and I feel that way too at times. The only way to make it work is to cook in bulk and eat servings out of that, or take them with you to work. I constantly "invent" recipes for mass food production and last night I think I figured out a good one.

    What you need:
    Box of Pasta....I used Rigatoni
    Ground Hamburg
    Can of Pasta Figoli soup (broth, white beans, noodles)
    Red Kidney Beans...bigger size can

    Cook the pasta in a big pan (if you dont know how to cook pasta then look on the back of the box)
    Cook the hamburg in a frying pan, until it is browned and firm..i.e. not soggy and undercooked...occasionally drain the grease while cooking
    In a medium size pan mix the can of Pasta Figoli and the Red Kidney beans....heat up until its lightly boiling

    When all the ingredients are done put the pasta in a big plastic bowl, hopefully one you can find a lid for...then place the cooked hamburg on top of the pasta...then pour the soup mix on top of that...place the lid on the top and shake it around a bit

    It taste pretty damn good and is loaded with what your body needs to thrive..

    If you mofos like it let me know...

  2. mmm that does sound good. I'll give that a shot when I get a chance. You add any seasonings to it, or is it good enough as it is?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Dolarhyde View Post
    mmm that does sound good. I'll give that a shot when I get a chance. You add any seasonings to it, or is it good enough as it is?
    It was good the way it was, but some seasoning might be good to throw in too

  4. K sounds terrific. lol I tried this recipe last night for "oatmeal cookies", that the poster modified so that they'd be healthier.

    He suggested using olive oil instead of butter. I end up pulling them out of the oven and they're all melted together. spent the next 20 minutes scraping the baking sheet. haha just thought I'd share that.

    When I try the recipe I'll post how it turned out.

  5. sounds great! I need to buy a bigger bowl



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