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  1. Meal Help

    Alright folks...not really sure if this is the right place in the forum for this...but here it goes.

    I need help with my meals. I have a huge problem maintaining my meal cadence between gym time, school, work, and studying. I live in a studio apt with a kitchen subpar to a motorhome. I work retail and due to my schedule do not technically have a "lunch time"; meaning prep time there for eats is limited and I eat when I have a second typically b/t customers. Long story short, I need inventive recipes to keep my meal cadence up. I use protein shakes already as a "meal", but I need more real, clean food. I don't like drinking more than three shakes a day, so basically I figure I need three to possible four solid meals outside of that. I religiously drink a shake at wake up, post workout, and at bedtime.

    In short, the main problems I need to take into consideration are lack of prep facilities/time. At work, I had started to eat cold cuts wrapped in a slice of cheese for a quick meal, but was worried about sodium levels in the cold cuts so stopped. I've tried baking chicken breasts at work, but since I can't monitor the cooking it would usually get burned. Doing tuna now, but I hate it so much it takes me a while to eat it; and the smell it leaves isn't exactly conducive to facing people.

    I hope I'm not asking for the impossible here. Any input is greatly apprecaited!

  2. Found some Chicken of the Sea flavored Tuna and Salmon Cups. Plan on trying them out today.

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