Complex carb corn muffins

  1. Complex carb corn muffins

    1 cup corn meal
    1 cup whole wheat flour
    1.5 tsp baking powder
    1 tsp salt
    1/4 cup maltodextrin
    2 eggs (i used hi omega 3 free range grain fed)
    1/4 cup coconut oil
    2/3 cup milk

    Mix dry ingredients, blend the wet in until just all mixed together, makes 6 decent sized muffins.

    drink it down with straight protein shake, and you are all set!
    per muffin -

    Energy 271.045 Cal
    Protein 7.66 g
    Fats 12.375 g
    Polyunsaturates 0.763 g
    Monosaturates 1.523 g
    Saturates 8.995 g
    Cholesterol 73.211 mg
    Carbohydrates 33.734 g

    I'm going to try some variations on it, to boost the protein some. I dont mind the fats at that level, as it is MCT fats. i may drop that a little though, and replace with egg whites, see how it turns out. If I can hit 20+g of protein, and get the carbs up to 40 while being all complex carbs, thats what I want.

  2. Couldn't you try putting a scoop, or two, of whey protein into the mix?

  3. The problem is that whey starts to break down at 140 degrees. In the end, I think just having a muffin with 3 eggs on the side is the best answer
  4. Wink

    Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    The problem is that whey starts to break down at 140 degrees. In the end, I think just having a muffin with 3 eggs on the side is the best answer
    You taught me this when I asked if you could heat up the cinnamon whey during the winter

    By the way... are complex carbs best post workout, early morning, or dinner-ish?

  5. Really complex carbs are good anytime. Its the simple carbs that ONLY make sense at during or immediately post workout. I try to taper carbs down later in the day, but thats just cause i'm still on the cutting side. plus I think it is easier to sleep with less carbs later in the day

  6. i was wondering the same thing about when i should put in the carbs. what kind of foods would you suggest pre workout to get in the simple carbs?

  7. I don't hardly ever take in simple carbs. but drinking a gatorade during/right after workout is ok, or making that post workout shake with a cup of mixed berries + some vanilla whey is nice.

    Ok, sometimes I do that or chocolate. Walmart sells frozen mixed blackberry/rasberry/blueberries, so a cup of those plus whey and water to get it to move in the blender is a nice post workout smoothie with simple carbs. I probably do that less than once a week. So even post workout is usually moderately complex carbs, bananas being my "simplest" carb that I eat regularly. Of course a couple cheat meals a week I may actually have a baked potato or something like that, but i'm not counting that.


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