Quick and Easy Omelette

  1. Quick and Easy Omelette

    If you like omelettes then you'll love this:

    - Start boiling your water
    - Take a 1-Quart freezer lock bag
    - Toss in 2-3 eggs, and all your fixins
    - seal the bag and boil for 13-14 minutes
    - and voila! the best omelette you have ever had

    This stuff is great, no mess and tastes awesome. I haven't tried egg whites only yet, but I'm sure it works fine.


  2. holy cow!! I know this is a big bump...but this deserves recognition!!! Cant wait to try!!

  3. You know I had forgotten all about that. Used to do it with kids camping. Great fast and easy omelette. Thanks for the reminder.
  4. UKStrength
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    Superb! No need for oil either, bet it comes out really nice and fluffy

  5. Quote Originally Posted by UKStrength View Post
    Superb! No need for oil either, bet it comes out really nice and fluffy
    For extra fluff-osity add milk

  6. UKStrength
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    For extra fluff-osity add milk
    Fluff-osity! That's my new favourite word, you sir shall have some rep-goodness

  7. I just tried this and it worked perfectly. I added a little milk to the mix and it really made a great omelette. Thanks for the recipe!!

  8. The bag doesnt melt?
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by fightbackhxc View Post
    The bag doesnt melt?
    I thought the same thing but I used a ziploc freezer bag and it did not melt.

  10. I would be concerned that the bag would leach some kind of toxic chemical when boiled...haha

  11. Totally ripped off from Paula Deen! Haha (seriously, it is)

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  12. gonna try this

  13. Tried it last night. Ever tried fish in your omelette? Grilled 4 flounder filets on the foreman. Tossed a Birdseye steamer (Southwestern style Rice) into the microwave. 5 eggs & 2 jalapenos in the blender.

    Broke up the grilled filets & mixed with the rice in ziplok bag. Poured the blended eggs & jalapenos over the fish & rice. Sealed the bag & into boiler for 12 mins. And it turned out great.

    High protein & high carbs with comparatively low fat.

  14. Great Idea! Now all I have todo is wake up!
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