Salmon Cups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Salmon Cups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I dont know if you guys have tried these but the new Salmon Cups Barbque flavor is extremely good. It is the best damn thing out there right now!

  2. Amen to that... almost tastes like BBQ chicken

    I had one today. They are really small though.

  3. Where did you find them? Any store in particular?
  4. Never enough
    EasyEJL's Avatar

    i bought some at publix, haven't tried them they are sitting in my desk at work as emergency meals
    Animis Rep

  5. Found them at Walmart last night. I bought two of each flavor they had. Should be trying them out today.

  6. Anyone got any pix of what these look like? Can you eat like tuna right outta the can?
  7. Never enough
    EasyEJL's Avatar

    cup not can they are 2.8 oz, peel off top like a little jello cup. I have to eat 2 to not feel hungry
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  8. Sweet, so I dont have to do anything but eat! The main reason I love eating tuna, pop the can and dig in! I will have to find these salmon cups!
  9. Never enough
    EasyEJL's Avatar

    I liked the terriyaki tuna, the mandarin orange salmon was kinda iffy
    Animis Rep

  10. All I've eaten so far is the Honey BBQ Salmon, and I just tried the Cajun Tuna. Salmon was good, Tuna would've been better if it were Albacore.

    I think these things are REALLY going to help keep me on my meal cadence.

  11. I just got some of these last week, very convenient for work snacks. A lot easier to open than a can.

  12. I picked up 2 paks! which will = 4 snacks! You got to love the fact that they are pretty much only Protein! I only found the Light and White, no flavors, I will have to continue the search!


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