Brown Rice Pasta

  1. Brown Rice Pasta

    I came across a 1lb bag of brown rice pasta at trader joes the other day and it tasted just like regular pasta. The only ingredient was 100% organic brown rice. Tasted great, especially w/ some ground turkey meatballs!

  2. I know........this stuff is friggin awesome.....I found it about a yr ago wandering through the ailes at TJ and love it, it taste friggin awesome!!!!!

  3. Trader Joes huh, Is that a pretty good place to shop?

  4. OK, I am silly. WHats Trader Joes fellas?
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  5. Trader joes is a healthfood grocery store. I know there are a ton in Massachusetts. I dunno where else they are located. There's a link that will tell you where else they are located.

    Welcome to Trader Joe's - Your Neighborhood Grocery Store

  6. Thanks, nothing within three states.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by warriorway View Post
    Trader Joes huh, Is that a pretty good place to shop?
    its the only place I shop...hands down the best

  8. nuts, dried fruit, veggies, I love that place

  9. if anyone really wanted some of trader joes stuff i can ship it out to ya. i have one down the road from me. oh and dont get me started on theyre beer selection

  10. lovin the stuff for years.i avoid wheat products so stuff like this is a life saver.nice non gluten alternatives like this are great.


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