ingredients: individually frozen boneless skinless chicken tenders (village market is my preferred brand. It's liike 12 dollars for a four pound bag), red cooking wine, onions, garlic salt, thyme, pepper,

-Chop up onions
-Turn stove onto high
-Spray a large skillet with PAM or use oil or whatever you want and put defrosted chicken inside.
-Add in some garlic salt, pepper, and thyme.
-Wait until the one side of the chicken begins to look cooked. Shouldn't be more than one minute.
-Turn the chicken over to the other side.
-Put in the onions
-Sprinkle garlic salt, pepper, and thyme on this side.
-Wait until this side of chicken is starting to cook. Also, shouldn't be more than one minute. At this point the chicken shouldn't have been cooking for more than three minutes all together.
-Add about about a half a cup of water.
-Add one cup of red wine.
-Sprinkle in more garlic salt, pepper, and thyme.
-Reduce heat on stove to low, cover the skillet, and let cook for one hour. I like to wait about forty five minutes into it and then cook the rice.
-Then just put the chicken on top of the rice.

It's really good and not that hard to cook. The biggest thing is just to make sure the chicken doesn't get cooked thoroughly at all until you put the wine and water in. The amount of water and wine I said to put in was really just an amount if you cook this as one meal. The important thing is just to make sure that the wine to water ratio is no less than 1.5/1. And make sure that the skillet is filled with this mixture at least to the point where it is covering the chicken. It's relavent to how much chicken you want to cook. Also, the onions, garlic salt, thyme, and pepper are all on you how much you want to put in there. It's all about how you want it to taste. I realize that you might think with as many times as I put the spices on the chicken it would overdo it. It doesn't. It soaks in rather nicely. Very delicious meal that you can eat to get in a lot of protein and carbs post workout.

The amount of protein, carbs, sodium, etc. depends on how much you prepare. I apologize for not being able to put that on here. I hope at least one person can enjoy this recipe though.