Common Daily Eating for 12 week cycle?

  1. Common Daily Eating for 12 week cycle?

    Hey peeps, only just registered, was needing to know whats the common meals through-out the day you need to be eating whilse on test e or any other types of steroids?

    Ive JUST started roids, and know you need a daily intake of around 4000 calories, alot of protein (possibly weight gain) etc..

    When you guys first started, what do you need to be eating on a day 2 day basis?

    Please help, cheers, Brad.

  2. Welcome.....

    Maybe you should get your diet in check before you stick yourself or take any Ph's.....

  3. What ol' Pitty said, if your diet ain't in check already don't bother with steroids.

  4. im just asking..

    need some advice

  5. You got some very good advice:

    Heres the progression--
    1) get diet, training and rest down
    2) Experiment around and see what works best for achieving your current goals
    3) Do this consistently for several years
    4) then consider using anabolic steroids.

    If you do not know how to correctly diet/train then you will not keep the gains you've made on the AAS.

  6. using pct will keep up the gains.

    and i know how to eat correctly, im just wanting to know the different variety of foods you ppl on this board eat/take in per day

  7. This shouldn't even be posted in this section...definitely not a recipe.


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