Ok i normally defrost a case of chicken, then i boil the chicken for roughly 20 minutes. Make sure to really heavily salt the water to get it boiling faster because you'll need alot of water if you cook as much as i do. So after 20 minutes take a piece out and cut into the center to check it it's cooked. If not just plop it back in and estimate a cook time.

Once my chicken is cooked i take it out to the bbq and barbeque it for roughly 10 minutes a side, i brush olive oil onto the grill and use Kraft Greek salad dressing which is just olive oil, feta cheese, spices and olives. So i just squirt the dressing on each side and let em cook. I normally take them off the grill when they have browned a little.

This chicken ends up tasting awesome, boiling the chicken really cooks it thoroughly and helps get as much fat off as possible. The only thing about boiling is the chicken can taste slimy if you JUST boil it. That's why i like to bbq everything, i LOVE bbq'd meats. So give this a try guys and tell me what you think. I really like to avoid typical barbeque sauces because they are loaded with sugar and high fructose corn syrups!