Anyone else eat bottom round steaks?

  1. Anyone else eat bottom round steaks?

    I've been trying to find a cheap form of beef since I'm on a pretty tight budget. I've found that bottom round steaks labelled at the grocery store as "breakfast steaks" are very good and very cheap. I buy them cut pretty thin, and each package is around .5 lb's @ 4$/lb, so 2$ a meal. I heat up a skillet with a touch of olive oil on medium high heat and sear both sides really well. I also like to season them with low-sodium seasonings. Hope this helps budget minded people like me.

  2. Good cut.. I eat it too... Find some good marinades, and you will enjoy this cut for along time. A good compact gas bbq is great for eating lean - whether eating marinated lean cuts of meat (chix, pork, and beef) as well as a great way to enjoy simple grilled vegetables year round.

    Another strategy I use to lower the fat content but still stay economical is I buy 1 package of ground turkey breast and combine it with either 1 package of lean turkey or ground pork. Generally the turkey and ground pork that is 8 grams of fat per 25g protein, goes on sale for $2.50lb and it freezes well. Mix that with ground turkey breast (never less than $5 where I live) and you end up with 4g fat per 22-25g of protein which is pretty good.

    Another strategy for eating well is have a scoop of whey protein with your meals, and just eat less total meat per meal. So, rather than packing away 1/2 to 1lb of meat, stick with 1/4 lb of good steak and have a small protein shake.

    Many ways to stretch the dollar.

  3. Oh yeah, I know what you mean about the turkey meat. Its really good and really cheap. I also buy the pork cutlets for pretty cheap and they seam to last long, and I never get tired of the taste. Chicken to me is too expensive unless you can find it on sale, and I just get tired of the taste. It also goes bad quicker than pork or turkey.

  4. I love bottom round! I scissor it up on the griddle with peppers all the time!

  5. I prefer to buy top round as it seems to be less tough. I buy the big 10 or 15 lb roast at BJs for $1.99 / lb and cut it up and throw packages of it in the freezer. It can be used for roast beef, thinly sliced for sandwich steak, or it makes a good stir fry. For $4/lb you can get sirloin tip steak on sale at the local grocery store here. It is much better for stir fry that top or bottom round.

    You can save a lot of money if you get in the habit of buying large quantities when they are on sale and throwing them in the freezer.



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