Peach-Mint Green Tea

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    Peach-Mint Green Tea

    Makes 5 servings
    Prep: 10 minutes
    Chill: 2 hours

    2 cups cold water
    5 green tea bags
    1 12-ounce can peach nectar
    1/2 cup fresh mint leaves, slightly crushed
    3 tablespoons sugar
    Ice cubes


    1. Bring water just to boiling in a large saucepan. Remove from heat; add tea bags. Steep, covered, for 5 minutes. Remove and discard bags. Stir in nectar, mint, and sugar. Cover and chill for 2 to 24 hours. Strain tea mixture; serve over ice. Makes 5 servings.

    Nutrition facts per serving:
    calories: 104
    total fat: 0g
    saturated fat: 0g
    cholesterol: 0mg
    sodium: 13mg
    carbohydrate: 27g
    fiber: 1g
    protein: 1g
    vitamin C: 21%
    calcium: 2%
    iron: 10%

    Source: Better Homes and Gardens

  2. I would replace sugar with splenda, and nectar with flavored whey

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