Chicken breasts

  1. Chicken breasts

    Anyone has a tip how to make them better than boiled chicken breasts? Suggestions are appreciated!!

  2. Mrs. Dash now makes marinades in a bottle. They are low in sodium and taste great.

    What I do is get 4 chicken breasts, put them in a zip ock bag, and pour about a half bottle of the marinade in. Put the bag in the fridge over night and it's ready to be cooked the next day.

    I usually buy chicken breasts 10 lbs at a time at Costco. So I bag the breasts as previously mentioned and freeze the chicken i wont be needing for the next few days. When i start running low, i pull a couple bags out and its ready to be coocked the next day.

  3. I usually make some sort of melange for post workout.
    Cube chicken, spice and throw in a pan (cooks fastest this way). Add whisked eggs, vegtables, and rice. Simple yet tastes good, good profile, easy to make, fast.

  4. Chicken breasts...

    About the only way I'll eat them, if they're grilled over lump charcoal.

    Typically, I'll put a little peanut oil on them, grind some pepper on them, and grill them at around 400 degrees until they're done.

    My wife prefers painting on a little peanut oil, then sprinkling them with Lawry's seasoning salt, then grilling over charcoal.

    Another method would be to marinate them in Kikoman Teriaki sauce for a few hours, then grilling them.

    Another method still, would be to marinate them with Bullseye barbeque sauce overnight, sprinkle with fresh ground black pepper, then grill them over lump charcoal.

    Whatever you do, don't microwave them. Bleeecchhhh!!!

    I suppose if you're totally sick of grilled chicken, you can always ground the chicken breasts, buy a box of Chicken Helper, and have it that way. It's probably not as healthy as grilled chicken though.

    I can eat chicken three times a day, and it doesn't bother me. Oatmeal, on the other hand.... I eat it for a couple of weeks, then can't stand the sight of it.

    Happy Grilling!!!

    I'll let you know if I find a good way of smoking them. I'm just getting started with real BBQ / smoking. So far, I've done some awsome beef ribs, but I'm sure that chicken breasts would be a whole lot healthier.


  5. about the only way i eat them is baking them plain in the oven then eating them with water to swallow it down it s easyyy iif you ever get s**** of chicken or any other food

  6. Thanks for the suggestions people! I appreciate the input

  7. Awesome Garlic/Onion Chicken Breasts.

    1) Preheat over to around 400*f (you will have to tune cooking temp and time)

    2) Slice one medium onion into rings.

    3) Season chicken (I like it heavily seasoned) with onion powder, some minced garlic, parsley, coarse black pepper. I also sprinkle a little bit of Tony's on them.

    3) Put seasoned chicken in bakepan with a little bit of water and 1 tablespoon low fat margarine (that's only 35g of fat). Next place the sliced onion on top of the chicken.

    4) Cover bake pan with foil and leave covered until the last 10-15 mins of cooking.

    You end up with extremely flavorful, rediculously moist chicken breast. Keeping them covered with foil in the begining holds all the moisture in until you uncover them with 10-15 mins left to sear them. I usually make 8 at a time, as they are very good reheated.

    A while back I made these for my GF's parents and they are specifically requested each time they come visit now. Give them a shot I'm sure you'll love it. (If you're into garlic/onion of course)

    **Warning** Your breath will smell fairly pungent for a bit. Make sure you make enough for the GF/Wife to eat as well.

  8. teriyaki and low sodium soya is soo good.
    there are some low sodium shake and bakes you could sprinkle over em too.

  9. I like to take a whole bunch of breasts and throw them in a big pot and add enough low sodium chicken broth to cover and slow cook until chicken gets soft. Take them out of the pot, let them cool, then shred them. I use this to make whole wheat sandwiches, whole wheat tortilla burritos, on top of salads or any applications that you want. You just have to add your personal seasoning tastes.

  10. throw 'em a 1 gallon pitcher with 25 scoops of ATW chocolate whey and 32oz skim milk. Hit it with a stick blender for a couple minutes and CHUG!,CHUG!,CHUG!!!

  11. Really nice suggestions out there, thanks!

  12. I perfer just adding seasoning and using a foreman grill. Imo tastes better than boiled.

  13. true, I dont see the point of boiling chicken breasts. Is not like there is a lot of intra-muscular fat thats going to come out.

  14. BBQ it adds lots of flavor and keeps them moist!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by 4thAD
    BBQ it adds lots of flavor and keeps them moist!
    WAAAY too much work when u eat 2 a

  16. I do it on the BBQ just when I have time. Now with all the suggestions you guys gave me, I eat so much should build a farm in my backyard! jk


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