Superfast breakfast

  1. Superfast breakfast

    8 egg whites
    2/3 cup oatmeal
    2 tablespoons splenda or 5 packs
    cinnamon(to taste)

    Just mix in a bowl, and throw in microwave for 5:45. It will make a big clump, looks not too good, but actually good for people on a diet, and really filling. What I like about it is it's fast to prepare, no junk, no additionnal fat, nutritious, and convenient. You can also put in the oven, add cottage cheese in blender, and make muffins! Be creative!

    Run and go train!:good:

  2. i was just going to post something very similiar, almost the same as a matter of fact.

    the only difference is that i use pre packaged apple cinnamon oatmeal and scramble the eggs separately. i eat this 3-4 times a day and it never gets old.

    i find that putting the eggs in the microwave makes it taste abosolutely horrible.

    Long story short, the egg/oatmeal mixture with cinnamon is an excellent meal.

  3. The problem with pre-packaged meals, is just that its full of sugar. This is why I use splenda, and cinnamon instead

  4. This is the same thing I eat everyday for breakfast. It's so good and never gets old.

  5. Yeah I thought I would give it out even if a lot of people are already using it. I love how fast it's prepared.

  6. i eat the same thing just not mixed together i weill give this a try in the morning!!!

  7. It's pretty good. Kinda like a cinnamon bum taste if you have imagination :LOL:


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