Great Tuna Recipe

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    I have a great and cheap recipe!
    take 1 can of tuna and add half or one cup of unsweetned apple sauce and mix them together.
    it taste great if you like apple sauce and you get tons of protein and a minimal amount of carbs and no bad saturated fat!
    play around with the amount of apple sauce for more or less carbs. Also the moist apple sauce makes it alot easier to eat the dry tuna.

  2. I like to add balsamic vinegar and splenda to tuna, it takes the edge off the fishy taste and makes a great protein snack.

  3. Im gonna have to try that. Right now I just take about 4 6oz cans in a bowl, add some liquid lava hot sauce and some spicy brown mustard and mix....usually hits the spot for me, but im easy to please!:bruce2:

  4. Y'all have got to try this for that boring can of tuna;

    Olive oil
    Sliced almonds

    This could be the cure we have been looking for all these years

  5. Tuna out of the can with nothin on it is the way to go Applesauce is a good way to go.



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