Chocolate peanut butter pudding and icecream

  1. Chocolate peanut butter pudding and icecream

    OH yeah! I knew that would get some attention!! Anyways, yes I am still in contest prep mode so I have not tasted these for myself, BUT........

    I have started to dabble in personal training and basic diet consulting.

    Anyways, I am working with my mother (for free of course) and I know she has a sweet tooth and she buys the food and I try and come up with something healthy and tasty. Too bad she is not paying me for this, but hey, Im 20, in college and my parents buy most all my for me...

    The good stuff:

    1- box fat free sugar free jell-o instant pudding
    1- cup fat free cottage cheese
    3-cups skim milk
    1/4 cup creamy natty pb
    (optional) a few scoops of protein powder (choc., choc/pb, pb)

    throw all of it into a mixing bowl, I used a hand held mini blender thingie-ma-bob. Mix it up good.

    Break into 5 seperate serving containers and refridgerate.

    one batch= 992 calories, 68p/108c/32f
    if adding 3 scoops of ATW chocolate protein you get= 1292 calories, 140p/112c/32f

    each serving is then 198 cal, 14p/22c/6f

    with added protein powder: 258 cals, 28p/23c/6f

    Toss it in the freezer for a couple hours. Pull it out and microwave it for 45 seconds, now you have a chocolate peanut butter like slush/ice cream. My mom said it was just like peanut butter cup ice cream. She loved it! Now I cant wait to try this out baby!!!

    good luck, let me know how you like it!!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by rysigpi
    I used a hand held mini blender thingie-ma-bob.

    That must be one of those new-fangled techinical terms I keep hearing so much

    This sound really good!! And seeing as how I'm bulking I might as well try it. I'll be sure to eat some extra just for you, rysigpi.

  3. Thanks, that's very interesting - I may give that a try very soon.

  4. Sounds great. Too bad there is no fat free sugar free pudding in germany...

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