Super Omelet

  1. Super Omelet

    Alright I know the name is gay, but its a great meal.

    65g Protein
    55g Carbohydrate
    25g Fat

    3 large eggs
    1 cup brown rice cooked
    1 can tuna
    1/2 cup Pasta sauce your choice
    Parmesan cheese
    1. Mix 3 eggs in bowl
    2. Add tuna and brown rice and mix
    3. Pre heat pan on medium heat
    4. Spray pam and add omelet mix
    5. Cook until eggs are done
    6. Put on plate and add pasta sauce and parmesan cheese

    There it is very simple and very quick, also quite tasty.

  2. hmm tuna in an omelet....... This sounds gross but I bet it is OK I'm gonna try this tomorrow morning thanks!

    MTNMEDIC's Avatar

    Fish aint too bad with eggs actually, the bad fat might be an issue in three eggs though, Safeways' got a quart of "Best of the egg" that will fix that. try grilled tuna or flaked alder smoked salmon, steelhead or trout. MUCH BETTER, if the canned tuna or pouch salmon taste puts you off.

  4. haha i am very happy to see i am not the only one to put tuna in an omlet

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