Banana Bread

  1. Banana Bread

    Ok, I randomly threw this together Friday night to make some quick breakfasts. It worked well and tastes great, but I'm unsure of the macros.

    1) 10 bananas
    2) 6 eggs
    3) 1c olive oil
    4) 6c rolled oats
    5) 1 cup Slenda
    6) 2 tbl cinnamon
    7) 1 tsp baking powder
    8) 1 tsp baking soda

    mix #1-3 in large mixing bowl with hand mixer to a smooth consistency. Add #5-8 and slowly mix in. Finally add #4 one cup at a time. Bake in a 9x13 pan at 350F for 20-30 minutes.

    I cooled over night. Cut into 8 equal squares. I estimated the macros using Fitday. One square is approx: 657 calories, *Edit* p/c/f = 10/41/49

    Any thoughts on necessary macro adjustments? So far it seems to have potential, but the fat seemed a little high even if it is EVOO.
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  2. Hmmm, I bet if you swap the eggs for egg whites it would still work and you'd drop a lot of unnecessary fat.

    I also wonder if there is a substitute for the olive oil or if perhaps it would work with a reduced amount.

    let's see......
    10 bananas: 15g protein, 275g carb (35g fiber), 5g fat
    6 egg whites: 36g protein, 6g carb, 0g fat
    0.5c olive oil: 108g fat
    6c oats: 66g protein, 283g carb (45g fiber), 33g fat

    the rest of the ingredients have negligible macros.

    Totals: 117g protein, 564g carb (80g fiber), 146g fat

    cut into 8 pieces:
    1 piece: 15g protein, 70g carb, 18g fat
    502 calories

    You calculated based on weight when you did your ratios. You are supposed to calculate based on calories.

    The current recipe you've got is pretty unhealthy; WAY too much fat. I bet they taste real good though.

    When my contest prep is over, I'll try my modification to your recipe and report back on whether it worked out ok.

    Oh, and I'll add some Banana Choclate Oat frosting to it ...

    1 packet Quaker weight control oatmeal
    2 tbsp Philly nonfat cream cheese
    2 tsp cinnamon
    2 scoops ATW Chocolate Mint Blend

    Macros per batch:
    56g protein, 26g carb (10g fiber), 5g fat
    373 calories

    The above recipe makes either pudding or frosting, depending on how much water you use. Less water makes frosting. More water makes pudding. Too much water makes ... mush.

    Banana Bread + Banana Chocolate Oat frosting = delicious cake

    If we assume 2 batches of frosting will coat 1 batch of banana bread, then each piece of banan bread + frosting would be:

    cut into 8 pieces:
    1 piece: 29g protein, 76.5g carb, 19g fat
    593 calories

    Much better ratios. Not great, but better. Still would make a kickass dessert I bet.

  3. Well, how about this update?

    1) 10 bananas
    2) 6 egg whites
    3) 2c 1% milk
    4) 6 scoops ATW banana
    5) 6c rolled oats
    6) 1 cup Slenda
    7) 2 tbl cinnamon
    8) 1 tsp baking powder
    9) 1 tsp baking soda

    Totals: 247g protein, 651g carb, 53g fat

    cut into 8 pieces:
    1 piece: 31g protein, 81g carb, 7g fat
    493 calories

    I guess what I'm trying to achieve here is some quick, easy & tasty that I can prep a weeks worth at a time. What is an ideal macro brake down that I should be targeting fr my first meal of the day?

  4. oh my god i love banana bread.

  5. Hot dang, now THERE is a recipe!!!

    That along with the frosting would absolutely kick righteous ass!!

    Karma to you, sir!

  6. Thanks! Glad you like the changes. I'm getting into this. Check out my fajita soup recipe in another post.


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