For the starving dieter! -

For the starving dieter!

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    For the starving dieter!

    Okay, I believe this will apply to the starving pre-contest dieter who is whithin striking range of his/her show. When your this hungry anything new sounds good. Okay:
    1: However much oatmeal your alotted.
    2: However many egg whites alotted.
    3: Splenda and cinnamon.
    4: A vanilla isolate (preferably vpx zero carb)
    --Mix all into a bowl, and whip to a fluff. Have pam'd skillet ready and pour "batter" into pan. Brown both sides.
    Also, take a scoop of the vanilla isolate in a little cup, and add drops of water, until a pasty "frosting" occurs, then spread over the "pancakes" and savor the moment.

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    Sounds good.

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