Best ways to eat chicken pre contest

  1. Best ways to eat chicken pre contest

    Ok guys lets get a good thread on how everyone eats there chicken before a show.

    Myself I go with low carb b-bque, hot sauce, and seasoning

    There has to be better ways to prepare plain chicken

  2. i like to put lots of seasoning on mine. like montreal chicken seasoning (lots of salt tho so I'm gonna stop using that pretty soon here).
    i also like some curry powder with cinnamon (which i just discovered and its delicious).
    I like to use a lot of Frank's red hot sauce too.
    Salsa poured over the top = tasty.
    I always cook them on the george foreman.

  3. Now that sounds interesting, curry powder and cinnamon,

    My question is about the salsa, do you use organic or regular. The reason I ask is because I would worry qbout the carb content.

    And yes Franks hot sauce is great, my coooler either has that or petes in it at all time.

  4. My Pace Picante sauce has 2 carbs per 2 tbsp. And theres no added sugar to it at all. pretty good i think...
    And I just got the Chili & Lime Franks sauce for the frist time today. its reallly good.
    and about the curry and cinnamon... another thing i like to do is mix the chicken with brown rice and put a pack of splenda in it. sounds kinda weird i know.. but its very tasty.

  5. I buy marinades. Take 4 pounds of chicken and dump it into a big tupperware container. Then take an entire bottle of marinade and dump it in.

    Obviously the type of marinade is important; extremely important. Currently, the marinade I use is 10 calories per serving, 32 servings per container. It's the "Zesty Savory" marinade from Wegmen's. Of the 4 pounds of chicken, there are usually around 32 pieces of chicken. Since some marinade is left over I just assume 8 extra calories per piece of chicken. The marinade I use has no fat, just carbs. So I've added 2 carbs per piece of chicken, but I've gained a metric crapton of flavor.

    I like to marinade the chicken for 2 days in the fridge. It syas marinade for 30 minutes but you have to let it really sit for over a day to let the flavor soak in more fully. Once it's been marinading for 1-2 days, I grill all of it at the same time and put the cooked chicken in a different tupperware container.

    There is a better marinade I used to use. It doesn't taste as awesome, but it's only 5 calories per serving, and only 24 servings per container. So you wind up adding about 0.5 grams of carbs per piece of chicken.

  6. Nulli you are my hero... I totally forgot about marinades, i wake up extra early so i can ccok my freshchicken, I hate the taste of old chicken, but with marinades I know it mask the flavor a little bit more..

  7. i just eat the chicken plane and wash it down with water...gets the job done but not that tasty

  8. cool to see alot of franks red hot sauce eaters....its all i have been using.

  9. I'm getting ready to do another show this summer, you guys giving me some great recipes to use!!


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