Banana-Chocolate Oat Pudding

  1. Banana-Chocolate Oat Pudding

    Another diet food coming your way...


    1 packet Banana Bread flavored Quaker Weight Control instant oatmeal
    1 scoop AllTheWhey Chocolate Mint (in this case Blend, but take your pick what kind)
    1 tsp cinnamon
    2 tbsp Philly fat free cream cheese


    Put oatmeal in bowl or plastic container. Add water, nuke it for 1 minute. Remove from microwave and dump in cream cheese, whey, and cinnamon. Mix THROUGHOULY, very thoroughly. Ensure there are no clumps of cream cheese and that it is stirred evenly throughout the mixture. Put in fridge.

    Remove from fridge, 1-2 hours later. It is important to let it sit because ingredients disperse better over time.

    34g protein, 32.5g carb (7.5g of which is fiber), 4g fat

    Not counting fiber, total calories = 272
    ratio: 50/37/13

    100% pure delicious. Alas, there is a gram or two of sugar in there. But given the fact that the rest of the carbs are extremely low GI index and fiber, it can be forgiven. Plus it's very low fat, and the fat that IS there is coming almost entirely from the oats, and it's very high protein. And did I mention it tastes fantastic?

  2. Sounds good, how does it taste Null?


  3. just tried this with the ingredients i had available. I used ON 100% whey chocolate with normal old fashioned oats. I added some splenda and cocoa powder too. It was delicious.

  4. Best part is, the macros are so good you can use this during CONTEST PREP. Not just dieting, but actual contest prep.

    It sure as hell helps keep sanity.

  5. Woah! I just mixed up a double batch of this stuff and its AWESOME! Well done Null!! I used Rocky Road flavored real well

    Only thing - 3/4c water per pouch of oats makes it a lttle too soupy for my liking. Its still warm though, perhaps it will thicken as it cools.


  6. Cooling is extremely important. If you don't let it cool, the texture isn't right.

    Btw, if you double the Philly nonfat creamcheese content, it makes it very gluelike in consistancy and you can use it like frosting instead!

  7. Yeah this morning it was all cooled down and it tasted even better. Still could use a bit less water than 3/4 cup per batch though, I think.

    Btw, if you double the Philly nonfat creamcheese content, it makes it very gluelike in consistancy and you can use it like frosting instead!
    Excellent You could frost rice cakes with it and have a killer snack.

  8. This morning I discovered that increasing the cinnamon content will also make it more glue-like.

    The best way to prepare this as a frosting is to use minimal water when cooking the oatmeal. Cook the oatmeal and cream cheese, then immediately stir the cream cheese thoroughly. Then begin mixing in the cinnamon and whey. If you used double the cream cheese, and double the cinnamon, it gets to be too difficult to stir. So that's when you add more water. You can actually produce a higher total volume this way but maintain a thick frosting consistancy by doing this. To a point the water has only a small effect on changing consitancy, but it does a lot to increase total volume. This only works when you use extra cream cheese and extra cinnamon.

    The macros on the frosting are (using ATW Blend):

    39g protein
    26g carb (+10g fiber)
    4g fat

    For the pudding:
    34g protein
    25g carb (+8g fiber)
    5g fat

    So as you can see, the frosting has 1 extra carb, 2 extra fiber, and 5 extra protein.

  9. This is great man, can't thank you enough for posting it 'cause i never would have known otherwise. My girl has started really getting into training and she has trouble getting her protien in because she doesnt eat all that much meat. (ok no dirty comments people), plus she's got a wicked sweet tooth

    She tasted this and she got this smile on her face and said,"It tastes like pudding!" You could through in a little chocolate egg and casein protien, maybe a bit of flax, and have a genuine meal replacement here.


  10. Well, I've discovered that, at least when you use ATW Blend, if you double the protein content it has an even better texture and better flavor.

    I whipped up a batch of frosting that looked like this:

    2 scoops ATW Blend Chocolate Mint
    4 tbsp Philly nonfat cream cheese
    1.5 tsp cinnamon
    1 packet Banan Bread Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal
    3 packets Splenda

    Added only just enough water to cover all the oatmeal, then dropped in the Philly. Nuked for 1 minute, then stirred the Philly in completely. I then added the cinnamon and 2 scoops of ATW and more water. Not sure how much water it eventually needed; I just kept adding water until it was relatively easy to mix. I stirred in the splenda last, and then threw it in the fridge overnight. Today I ate it and it was ... unbeatable. The taste and texture were outstanding.

    Here are the macros on the revised forumla:

    61g protein
    27g carbs (10g fiber)
    5g fat

    Winds up shifting it more on on the protein end but as I said the taste and texture is too good to pass up. I could honestly eat it by the gallon. I plan on whipping up huge batches for when I bulk.

  11. Its freakin' brilliant as a post workout meal too...

  12. Personally, for post workout I prefer my cottage cheese recipe:

    Cottage Cheese Dessert

    I use the Banana/Chocolate oat pudding as one of my pre-workout meals.


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