A new taste for my WW Pasta

  1. A new taste for my WW Pasta

    Well my nutrition teacher gave me the idea for this, and it is nothing groundbreaking but gave me a new flavorful pasta experience. Also I have no measurements as I just took what I had and poured.

    Cook some Whole Wheat Pasta and a Chicken Breast and throw those two together in a bowl. Let those two cool in the fridge for awhile then take it out and add thre rest:
    Olive Oil
    Chopped up veggies (anything works I like celery and carrots)
    Light or FF Salad Dressing (I've used FF Honey Dijon and a light Thousand Island so far, both are good)
    FF or 2% Cheese (Cheddar or Mexican Blend work well)
    Optional: Dried Fruit, she used them I didn't, but it was actually pretty good with some Grapes and Cranberries in there.
    Kidney Beans also arent bad but I had none at home.

    The focus of the meal was to get every food group into one dish and it works pretty good, and has a good, southwestern style flavor.

  2. Sounds good. I bet some lime juice and cilantro would go well.

    BTW, is this more like a soup or a pasta dish?

  3. Its a pasta dish. Use just enough salsa and salad dressing to give a good flavor but not make it soupy. Put in as many herbs and seasonings as you want I just don't have much around the house to use. Definately good for a bulker!

  4. Aside from the carbs in the ff dressing, I think this could work for cutting too. I'm also gonna nix the olive oil. I'm gonna make this tonight. I'll let you know how it comes out.

    BTW, do you serve this hot or cold?

    And do you boil the chix?

  5. I ate half of it right away warm and the other half the next day out of the fridge. I grilled my chicken but boiling would work as well I am sure. Basically I just put in the olive oil for cals so should be no problem dropping it.



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