Looking for advice on my pre wokrout and post workout meals!

  1. Looking for advice on my pre wokrout and post workout meals!

    Hey all, im currently trying to bulk and i will be starting my SD cycle here shorlty 10/20/20. I have my diet in check, cals are looking good and marcos are high protein, mod carbs, low fat.

    My question is right now my pre workout meal and post workout meal are both 40g of Whey with 20g of dextrose..

    Is this protein with dextrose the best way to supplement my post workout cal intake?

    Any reccomendations??

  2. it will work. There's been numerous arguments about whether high gi or low gi carbs work best for pwo. I use oats in my pwo shakes. If your concerned about fat gain or your heavy already, I'd prob use oats. JMO..

  3. Thats my question... How to you make a PWO shake with oats? I have never done it.. Arent the oats all chewy and hard in your shake, i usually just mix my protein with dextrose and im done!

    Help me out here..

  4. Get a blender and make yourself a smoothy.

  5. I wouldn't get too concerned with worrying about the carbs in your post workout shake/meal. Unless you are endurance training you will have plenty of time to reload muscle glycogen. If you are training for muscle growth protein should be the main focus since amino acids are essential for tissue synthesis.

    If you do continue with the dextrose in your shake/meals keep it low as you are doing. I for one do not tolerate raw oats in my shake, it negatively impacts my GI tract. Skim milk or yogurt are good choices also if you seek lower GI carb sources.

    This topic has been beat to death in this forum. There are also stickies somewhere lurking that address many nutrition questions Please run a thorough search and focus on posts by Bobo. He speaks the truth and is on point.
    Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life. Lao Tse 6th century BC

  6. Depending on when your first whole foods meal is after your training I would take your carbs up. Maybe 40-50g protein and 80g of carbs. I use a mix of oats and dextrose in my pwo shakes.
  7. tattoopierced1
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    put the oats in a blender and mix your shake up that way...you might get a few chunky areas, but its good stuff...

  8. Quote Originally Posted by knox
    Get a blender and make yourself a smoothy.
    Yup. I use the 100% rolled oats and throw 1/2 a cup in the blender with my shake and they grind up nicely. You barely notice them in there.


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