Sweet Potato Pie??

  1. Sweet Potato Pie??

    Has anybody tried making a sweet potato pie with a whole wheat crust? Seems like it would be a pretty good carb source and taste awesome. Splenda and cinnamon could be used for sweetening. All of the recipes I have seen use butter so maybe some "I cant believe its not butter." Sound like a good idea?
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  2. give it a whirl bro. and definately keep us posted.

  3. Will do. My sister makes some good sweet potato pies so Im gonna get her recipe and use the healthy ingredients.

  4. ummmm, sweet potatoe pie. sounds damn good.

  5. Made the sweet potato pie with splenda instead of sugar... Was great. Just like sweat potato pie without the sugar.

    6 sweet potatoes (baked)
    2.5 cups of splenda
    1 can evap milk-Lg.
    4 egg whites
    1 Tbles. Cinn
    1 Tbles. Van
    1 Tbles. Nutmeg
    1 stick of Marg(Could someone inform me of a better source of butter?)
    -shave the potatoes and blend it all together real good.

    Anyways i did this to make a good bit of sweet potatoe mix. It's great. Like eating desert but not really.
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  6. I think you may be able to sub no sugar added applesauce for some of the margerine.

  7. made this for the second time today, last time was on thanksgiving. mmmmmm

    i dont use any evap. milk. but i do use 1/2 c sugar free applesauce and 1/2 cup Fat free i cant believe its not butter

    tastes sooo good. great recipe

  8. make the crust with food-processed almonds. add a cup of yogurt for the condensed milk. splenda for sugar. I have tons of good recipes and substitutes if folks are interested, make post a bunch of them

  9. I am very interested in the substitutes. I still havent tried making one of these. Will have to do it soon.

  10. I make sweet potato pies quite regularly, the wife loves them!

    Hell, I eat 'em while dieting since I don't use much sweetening.. I'm abit old-school when baking anything: I never measure, I always substitute bad stuff for better stuff, I don't time it while it bakes.. Yet, my food comes out amazing..

    I made a pie just yesterday, 6 sweet potatos can make 3 pies so you must be using a big-ass pie dish or very small potatos.. I use 2 per pie, boil them first to soften them for the blending.. While bulking I use sweet canned milk, cutting I use almond milk.. Add some nutmeg, cinnamon, blend till smooth, pour into crust.. I bake it between 30-45mins, testing by poking a fork into the center..

  11. Quote Originally Posted by bigpetefox
    I made a pie just yesterday, 6 sweet potatos can make 3 pies so you must be using a big-ass pie dish or very small potatos..
    Yea.. its just the recipe i had and didn't feel like dividing everything up. I just freeze whatever pie mix i don't use in ziplock bags and use later.


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