Beef Fried Rice

  1. Beef Fried Rice

    1.5 lb Ground Beef (90% Lean)
    1 pack "Boil In A Bag" Brown Rice
    1 Onion
    1 Cup Peas
    1 Egg, 3 Whites
    1 Can Chicken Broth

    Cook beef. While beef is cooking throw the rice in the microwave. When the beef is done put in a strainer and wash off with water. Put beef to the side. Put rice to the side. Pour a little Olive Oil or Enova Oil in a pan (I use a wok). Cook onions for a few minutes, keep stiring so they wont burn. Then throw in the beef, rice, and peas and mix around. Pour beaten eggs over the top and mix around. When the eggs are scrambled pour can of chicken broth in the pan. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, stir a few times. Enjoy!

    I cook this meal for work and microwave it. The chicken broth keeps the beef moist. I eat this twice a day and love it. Only another 45mins till I eat this again. Can't wait!

  2. I tried this today. Made some up and brought it to work. Pretty yummy.

  3. im gonna try this tonight only im thinking about subbing ground turkey instead of beef. have you tried it yet with turkey?

  4. Try a little reduced sodium soy sauce,

    some fresh ground ginger and a little five spice with the chicken broth to really turn that **** out!!

  5. Garlic, soy sauce and ginger would make that taste more like something you'd get from a restaurant. You can saute the garlic in the enova before you brown the ground beef or just add garlic powder.

  6. If you wanted a dirty rice Cajun thing
    You could get the salt free Tony Cacheres Cajun seasoning. With some onions and garlic.

  7. Damn looks going to have to try this.

  8. If you are not watching your sodium you can do a recipe kind of like this that uses Ramen Noodle, green onion, stir fry veggies, and ground beef. If anyone is interested I could post the actual receipe on a new thread so I don't hijack this one.

  9. Mix in some shredded fried salted cod.

  10. What could I substitute instead of the chicken broth that would keep the beef moist? I'm allergic to chicken so I can't use that.

  11. You could try pork broth or you could get a packet from a Ramen Noodle and use it is broth. It comes in all kinds of flavors..beef..oriental...etc.

  12. hey yo 93cobra can you pm that noodle recipe of yours. Thanks brotha. Peace

  13. You have to be a board supporter to receive PM's. Here is an attachment though...let me know what you think. I got it from

    Ginger Beef Noodle Soup.doc


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