1 Salmon Filet
1 Apple
1 Cup diced mixed or single fruit, I prefer mango these days but anything with do. It's good to mix it up a bit.
1 Cup Nuts (mixed or whatever, walnuts are very good in this recipe)
1 fruit flavored hot sauce, pineapple hot sauce being the bestI've found.

Heat oven to 350. Core apple, slice it into sections about an eighth of an inch thick. Lay about half of the slices on an oven baking sheet, making a bed for the salmon. Sprinkle some nuts on the bed. Lay salmon on the bed of fruit and nuts, top off with the rest of the apple and some of the nuts, keeping some nuts. Pour hot sauce over this to taste, bake in the oven for about 20 minutes.

When salmon is done, take mixed/single fruit, add to the rest of the nuts and toss. Serve on the side of the salmon. As with oher recipes I post, almost any fruit can be susbtituted for the apple. Pears, pineapples, mangoes and melons seem to work very well. Fruit flavored hot sauces can be gotten almost anywhere, and are damn good.