Pico de Gallo Chicken

  1. Pico de Gallo Chicken

    This is one of the simplest recipes ever. Tomato and onion in equal amounts, whatever the desired amount. Cilantro to taste. Seed and dice tomatoes, dice onions, dice cilantro, mix and give a squeeze of lemon or lime juice for flavor/preservation. Cook a chicken breast or three, whatever your desired amount really. Grill or broil the chicken breast, cool it in the fridge, cut it up into bite sized bits and pieces, mix with the pico de gallo and serve. A lot of this goes over REAL good at parties, especially if you add some louisiana hot sauce to it. Special flavoring.

    I find for one serving that a small to medium onion, a medium to large tomato, about 2 tablespoons of diced cilantro and one grilled chicken breast works great. No need to cool the chicken if you're in a rush.

    Substitute any meat in a similar serving size, it pretty much works with anything and tastes incredible.

  2. Excellent, im going to make this to throw in a pita

  3. Add garbanzo beans. Takes it to a whole new level in a pita. Pretty much any fresh kind of bean can be added, any salsa addition can be added in fact. I've added black and pinto beans, corn, chic peas, mango, pineapple, etc. Any sweet fruit in fact can be added, depending on the mix of tastes you like and can tolerate. The mango goes very well, with a sprinkle of salt even better.

  4. Just made some of this plus I added some garlic just because I like it. Good stuff. I think some black beans would go perfect with this.

  5. This morning I saute'd some of the Pico de Gallo and scrambled it up with 3 eggs and spread it over some diced chicken. Even better.



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