Yummy chicken, mushroom, rice

  1. Yummy chicken, mushroom, rice

    From sexy muscle...

    i came up with this yesterday, when i became bored of eating the same thing everyday.

    its so easy, yet so so good.

    get a chicken breast, cut it into cubes or thin slices.
    thinly slice 1/2 an onion (or more if you like)
    about 4-6 chopped up mushrooms (again more if you like)
    cooked brown rice
    3/4 cup chicken stock

    get a deep frying pan, and start cooking the chicken. once its almost cooked add in the mushrooms and the onion. turn the gas down a little. add in about 1/2 of the stock. cook that for a few minutes, until the onion and m'rooms are done. then add in however much rice you like, and add in the rest of the chicken stock. let all the liquid get soaked up by the rice.

    and there you have it. its like a rissotto, and so good!!!

  2. I used to make something exactly like this. It is very good!

  3. whats chicken stock?

  4. sounds delicious...just make sure to drink plenty of water as I believe chicken stock has some EXTREMELY high amounts of sodium?!

    Thanks for the recipe bro.


  5. Chicken Stock is chicken broth, some supermarkets or groceries do carry low sodium chicken broth.

  6. unfortunately I did not see any low sodium ones at wal-mart but maybe I can find it at sams later this week


  7. you can try diluting it a little bit with water.


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