Protein Icing

  1. Protein Icing

    Yes I just disovered how to make protein icing for the cinnimon and splenda bagels. I just had it post workout and feel like I cheated on my diet haha.

    1 scoop Vanilla Optimum 100% whey
    about 1/2oz of water (I didn't measure it out)
    4 packets of Splenda

    Put the whey in a small bowl. Add the water, I didnt measure the water out exactly so just add small amounts at a time and mix with a fork until all the whey is at a gooy consistency. Add the 4 packets of Splenda (more or less depending on your taste). Mix everything together with the fork until there are no lumps and it forms a smooth consistency. Put in the fridge for 1-2 hours. I made this before my workout and left it in the fridge and just dipped my cinnimon/splenda bagel in it, it was orgasmic.

  2. I'm definately gonna have to try this out... mmmm icing


  3. man...icing sounds delicious especially since it has probably been months before i've had any, lol.

    I'll give it a shot sometime...thanks bro


  4. Great idea! Very original.

  5. IR, you are a genius.

  6. haha no problem guys, after the amount of time i've been dieting u'd try ANYTHING to make the food a little ifferent or just taste a little bit better. Enjoy!

  7. holy crap! i can't wait to try this. Does anyone else go crazy for the icing that comes with toaster streudels... i think that's what they're called. like a crusty pastry with filling that you put in the toaster. i wish i still ate those...

  8. putting this on top of the cinnimon/splenda bagels is so much more delicious then any processed pastry snacks you get out of a box.


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