Jblake's eggs

  1. Jblake's eggs

    These can be cooked in a pan (tastes better) or the microwave. There's a trick to getting them turn out well in the microwave but more on that later.

    3 or 4 eggs
    half cup cottage cheese
    any other ingredients you're feelin. pepperoni, mushrooms, spinach, garlic, froot loops, cheddar, whatever, it's all gravy.

    Put some enova or olive oil in a pan and cook them like scrambled eggs. The cottage cheese makes it taste kind of buttery and you don't notice the texture as it melts into them.

    In the microwave you should cook them for about 2 minutes, take them out, stir up the cooked egg into the runny, and repeat that process till they're done (might take a few tries to figure out how your microwave cooks them. it's an art.) Just watch as they near the end because they can fluff up really fast and make a mess.

    Just plain eggs/cottage cheese taste great if you drench it in salsa.

  2. i never thought of that meal....2-3 eggs, 1 cup cottage cheese, some hot sauce.


  3. Sounds interesting

  4. I love cottage cheese. I will giv ethis a try -the fruit loops.

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