Hey won't post the actual recipe up but just say that because I have a sweet tooth I like to make a meringue and just substitute the ususal bucket load of sugar for stevia.
So basically the only ingredients are egg whites (which you can buy liquid form from store) and stevia.
So it's not like your eating something that's LESS bad for you but it's actually really good for you and the more you eat the better as it's really just egg whites.
It's very high protein and very low carb and tastes absolutely awesome. Not at all like your'e eating some kind of low calorie thing.
You can look up any meringue recipe online and just substitute sugar for stevia.
I always choose to spend a bit extra and use a good quality stevia brand that only uses a certain part of the plant and doesn't have that slightly bitter taste.
I actually prefer the taste of stevia over sugar.
Just incase anyone is not aware stevia is not an artificial sweetener, it is from a plant just like sugar.